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Best Baby Photographer in Dubai | Baby Photoshoot & Photography

At First Impression Photography, we add elegance and passion to capture precious moments, whether you are taking your first steps into motherhood, snuggling your newborn baby, chasing after your crawling kid, letting him smash his first cake, watching your teenage kid with bunch of friends wishing happy birthday, gathering up your whole family at family session to share the laughs, want to express your love to your significant half in the form of art, you are at the right spot. We help you create endearing and captivating memories by taking stunning lifetime images.

You can visit our world-class studio with suave interiors and numerous props you can choose from. In case you're unable to visit our studio, fret not, as we offer home visit service. We come prepared with professional equipment, plenty of props and fun playables so we can create exceptional environment for you and your loved ones to immerse yourselves.

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Newborn Packages
Newborn Packages

Starting From AED 1099*

AED 1099
Maternity Packages
Maternity Packages

Starting From AED 525*

AED 525
Infant Package (Kids from 21-90 Days)
Infant Package (Kids from 21-90 Days)

Starting From AED 1299*

Infant Package
AED 1299
Toddler and Kids Packages
Toddler and Kids Packages

Starting From AED 525*

Toddler and Kids
AED 525
Cake Smash Packages
Cake Smash Packages

Starting From AED 1149

Cake Smash
AED 1149



1. How do I book?
You can call or whatsapp us and have initial consultation for booking availability. Our coordinator will be glad to answer your questions if any and accommodate you in session schedule. Our contact numbers are 0556434173/0563526352 (call/whatsapp).
2. What ages do you cover?
You can have your photography experience as early as belly bump and newborn baby. We’ve got you covered throughout the first year of baby’s life. As part of family session any age would be applicable.
3. What is difference between studio and home shoot?
At the studio you can get wider spectre of options for your baby’s session however home session is quite comfortable for mother and baby. We would advise to select studio session if you are keen on prop/set options, have small home space available or uncomfortable having a photographer at your house.
4. What props do you provide?
We have wide range of backdrops, baskets, wraps and head accessories that can cover entire 0-3 month old category. For elder babies we provide with various tutu skirts (girls) however would recommend to prepare own outfit that can be used on the session. We provide with adult tutus and see-through gowns for pregnant moms which can make great add-on to mom’s own outfits.
5. Will I get an album with my shoot?
Our packages are designed to provide you with digital files and let you to select printed product you desire with additional fee. We offer wide range of wall canvas and albums.
6. What if baby doesn’t cooperate?
Our photographers are highly experienced working with babies and try their very best to sooth and keep your little one happy. However if baby is having bad day (conditions that can’t be adjusted at the time) we can re-schedule on nearest available day to the same photographer without additional charge.
7. How fast I get my pictures?
Within 3-4 days after your session is done we will be sending you pictures for the selection and as soon as we get the reply from you, work on your pictures will begin. Your order will be ready in 3-4 weeks from the date we receive your selection. Mini-shoot orders are ready within 2 weeks from the selection is made. We advise you to proceed with selection process as soon as you get our initial email with download.
8. I don’t want my pictures online. Is it possible?
We respect our client privacy and keep images private unless get written permission to post on social media.
9. What happens after the photoshoot session?
After the session you will receive two emails - one is with your invoice and another one with images for you to select from as per your package. Please allow it 3-4 days to reflect in your inbox. Invoice email won’t require a response. As soon as you receive download email (hosted by you shall save images on your computer (desktop or laptop), select your favourite images as per your package and reply with list of images you’d like to have. We will acknowledge your selection and your package will be ready within 3-4 weeks (2 weeks for mini-shoot). Once its ready we contact you and you can pick it up from the studio or Dubai mall kiosk at your convenience or with additional AED 25-40 depending on your location/- get it delivered to your home.
10. Can I use photo taken on shoot for my casting?
Sure. Just let your photographer know which picture within your initial selection you would like to have in your casting frame.
11. Why should I pay a booking fee?
In terms to book your session slot we require the booking fee to be processed. That insures that your session date and timing will be reserved for you. Booking fee is refundable and will be deducted from overall bill. Cancelation or re-schedule less than 3 days prior the session will consider booking fee used.

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