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Maternity photography

Maternity Photography in Dubai: Capturing Intimate Moments

Motherhood is a gift, a blessing, a treasure. The time when you are carrying your baby inside your womb is a season of intimate connectedness with your precious one.


Everything the baby feels, the mother feels as well, resulting in an experience that draws a mother closer to her child.

Capture the essence of these transcendent moments with maternity photography in Dubai through First Impression, professional artists and photographers.

Let us create a maternity photoshoot just for you

First Impression is a company dedicated to making precious moments and memories last for a lifetime. We do this by creating beautiful and artistic keepsakes fashioned to remind you of life’s most lovely experiences. Through a personalised maternity photoshoot, we can capture the beauty of your pregnancy and translate those magical moments into beautiful photographic compositions. We have a team of professional photographers ready to help you realise the perfect photoshoot for you and yours.

When you choose to work with us, we will dedicate a maternity photographer to lead your personalised photoshoot. You are free to choose where you want it to take place. You can have it in the comfort of your own home, or you can set it in your choice location – along the lovely shoreline of Jumeirah Beach, in Dubai Miracle Garden during wintertime, or at our very own studio.

You can collaborate with your dedicated maternity photographer to imagine an overarching theme for your photoshoot, and First Impression will take care of everything else.

We use premium materials in every maternity shoot in Dubai

At First Impression, our intent is to tell your very own story the way you want it told. That why we only use premium materials to accentuate your maternity shoot.

Our props and accessories have been hand-picked from Europe and shipped all the way here to Dubai to give our clients the best experience possible. Additionally, every professional photographer in our team is kept up-to-date on the latest trends, techniques, and technologies to help us tell your journey through maternity in the most compelling way.

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